So the kid is 12 and is having the time of his life! I've never seen him work so hard on anything. This garden tractor was given to me last night and when he saw it this morning we had to get it running. a quick jump and some starting fluid and off he went. 20 minutes later we started tear down! the dash was chopped 3.5 inches, the steering 5.5 inches and the nose 5.5 inches. The rear fenders are a bit more work so tomorrow we will hit the junk yard in search of fenders we can cut down to work. He is more interested in making it a Hot Rod than a racer. If push comes to shove I'll start cutting plywood for a rear body! It's been a blast! and to see the kid this excited over something that isn't a video game is worth it all to me. You can bet this will be a write up in the magazine!

My brother came across a 79 xs11 that was chopped out on craigslist for $300. To me this was the coolest because it looked like it was done for not a whole lot of money. I then aqquired a 72 honda cb750 chopper that was over 7feet long...

Project “Tall  Grass” by Dub

79  XS11  and ‘72 Honda CB750 chopper by Skyeler

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