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Email: info@thetotalgearhead.com

Who We Are

We are Gearheads! It's what we do. Hands stained in grease and oil. Knuckles beat up and broken. Drive, desire, and ambition to design, build, create the toys we own and cherish. Yes, it's just who we are!

The Total Gearhead Magazine is all about you! Lets start with your first Matchbox car and end with.... Well, ok lets not end with anything, lets keep it going. Finally a magazine that's all about you! And me! And many others out there just like us! We love who we are, we love what we do, and we love to SHOW OFF our stuff! Now there is a Magazine that has been created to do just that! SHOW OFF our stuff! The first issue is in the works! if you have something KOOL and want to show it off send us some pics and a few words about it and add a few words about yourself. We all have projects and we all love to see other peoples projects. Send us pics of your projects. Past present and future Lets start SHOWING OFF our stuff!

The Total Gearhead Magazine will be spotlighting these things that you may never see in any other magazine. The Total Gearhead is a bit different as we will be featuring all aspects of the  Gearhead World! And we will be Nationwide to boot!  I'd like to feature individuals and their toys.  This Rag is for people like us to Show Off! Share Ideas! and See what everyone else is doing! The first issue will be ol skool black and white on newsprint! And a collectors issue to boot. The concept has been swimming around in my head for a few years now and I can't hold it back anymore. You will see things that you may have heard about but never have the chance to see. Oh yeah I'm bringing it! So there it is in a nutshell

In the weeks to come this site will grow and expand into a printed monthly magazine. A magazine like no other, a magazine we have all been waiting for! Yes! If it has wheels or a motor it's in! Let's show off our Projects, Designs, and Builds! Let's show the rest of the world what we are made of!

Our Business

The Total Gearhead Magazine is the vessel we will use to show the world our stuff! Anything from A to Z in the Gearhead world is welcome within our pages. Bikes, Boats, Cars (big and small), Mowers, Skateboards even! Yes! If it has wheels or a motor it's in!